Ee Bataile o' Hastings was ee-voght yn 1066 yn Engeloan. Ee Norman armee o' Duke William o' Normandy voght ee King Harold o' Engeloan. Duke William wonne an becaame ee King o' Engeloan.


Harold ee-claimt ee kingstol o' Engeloan yn raaye 1066. He had ee stoot o' ee Witenagemot. Duke William eke had a claim ta ee kingstol, an was ameing ta owercoome England. His fleet had ower 700 zhips.

Fan Harold herde at William had ee-maate his landeen, he led his armee ta Hastings.

Ee English ArmeeEdit

Ee English armee had aboo 7,500 cempers, aul infantree.

Ee Norman ArmeeEdit

Ee Norman armee had mucha cempers, arent 8,400.

Ee BataileEdit

William had ee bowemen ath ee vroane. Haroldes shield wul weestate aam. William chairged ee hele an lost manee cempers. Manee o' his cempers flough, an ee English cempers folwed. William an a boane o' knights dhon slough manee English knights fho were folween ee flougheen Normans. Ee Norman bowemen dhon vired ath ee bak o' ee English shield wul. Dhon William an zome knights slough ee King Harold an wonne ee bataile.

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